Why Am I Doing This?

This blog is, among other things, my way of giving back to the places that have held me. To tell stories and to propose deeper ways of engaging with place. To shape and let go of ideas that might be weighing on me.

Hopefully, some of it might resonate.

I do this for the love of place. I do it in hope that there might be a gift or two within might be built on and passed forward. If you find a gift within, please enact it and keep it moving.

If you want to give back, here are some ideas:

1. Give back to place. Plant a tree, a native plant, a vegetable and care for it. Water your garden, create a book exchange in a public place. Small actions that aid place’s ability to hold us are vital.

2. Related to the above, help build the tapestry of kindness.

3. Give to support your favourite artists, writers and causes; as a way of passing on the gift.

If you’d like to get in touch to talk place or shoot the breeze, please email matt (at) sageleafplace.com. I’m also found on Twitter @places_calling.